The name’s flame. hello, flame!

One of the most difficult decisions for a company after finding a name is – well, of course, the logo.

Especially when you’re your own designer, customer, and therefore harshest critic. So after a few rounds of iteration internally, with customers and IP-experienced friends, “flame” finally won the race as our name (by the way, the second favorite that didn’t make it in the end was “lemon”) it was time to cast the idea behind the name into a visual identity.

flame = Burning passion.

flame had and still has the same basic idea for us: to pass on the fire that burns within ourselves - to inspire people with our passion - simply to really inspire. Beyond that, however, there were of course aspects of content that we wanted to take into account. For example, that fire was pretty much one of the first means of communication for humans (beacons, smoke signals, etc.) as well as the intimacy of a fireplace or campfire for impulses and conversations. And last but not least, as a young, innovative company, we also wanted to be somehow cool and, above all, internationally "ready".

So developing our first own corporate identity was no walk in the park - especially for Boris, who was responsible for it as chief designer. The result is a classic lettering (of course bold because we weren't at the time 😉 ) and the flame "F" - called: the "Elvis bird" (if you don't recognize it immediately - we're happy to help 😉 ).

The flame logo lettering has accompanied us (with minor adjustments to the corporate identity) for a total of ten years. Later, the obligatory flame was added as a visual element, as we moved increasingly into the digital age and new design possibilities (moving designs) opened up. All in all, our overall presence should help us to get off to a very successful start and to some expansion.

Next step: sleek design.

In the meantime, not only the marketing and communication worlds, but also the challenges of our customers had consistently evolved. Increasingly towards digital communication, mobile first and digital integration along the customer journey.

In this environment, we wanted to present ourselves in a radically new way. The new flame logo with the slim lowercase letters stood for our claim to no longer put the company flame in the foreground, but our team in connection with the various competences as well as the work and results for our customers and clients.

This appearance has also successfully accompanied us (with small iterations) for over 10 years now - until it was time to question ourselves once again and think intensively about the future of flame just in time for the 20th anniversary.

2023. Brand new.

For us, innovation is at the center of all strategic considerations. It is not for nothing that we usually deal with the future trends of digital transformation around marketing / sales / communication much earlier and actively introduce them to our customers as an impulse or concrete idea. These include immersive technologies such as VR/AR, Web3, and of course AI. With the integration of the new area "space & experience" we want to present the possibilities of communication in the digital space to our existing, but also new customers and clients and find solutions together.

Our new overall appearance under the corporate motto "We burn for innovation" represents this approach. We are very excited about feedback and let's see if this line will last ten years again 😉