consulting & strategy

consulting & strategy

know-where! and why!

We do not consider ourselves to be classic consultants. Together with our customers, we take on the individual challenge or project as partners. We analyze situationally, plan at short notice and validate quickly – preferably based on measurable data.

Our services range from strategic consulting via marketing and sales through to innovation. We are happy to share our experience from a wide range of industries and cultures. And there is really a lot to tell 😉

XYZ know their ABC

lösch This way, not only international experiences but also very individual interests and skillsets come together! In this way, we achieve a holistic consulting offering with different demographics and approaches that we can tailor to each client and different industries.

Analogue and digital

In addition to classic strategic consulting, digital consulting is an integral part of most projects. Our strategic approach here is primarily concerned with:
The development of digital business models, the development of a digital strategy and, of course, with digital process consulting – preferably across the entire customer journey.

Digital – Nice to Have!

Not everything has to be exclusively digital. Many an occasion lends itself to a special paper, an elaborate print finish or an unusual format. We know what is important in screen printing, still know something like Swiss brochur and our designer can recognize not only fonts but also paper by smell (or so he says).

From practice for practice

But practical orientation is also an essential component. This can be seen, for example, in workshops with the team but also in close cooperation with the customer.

For us, strategic consulting defines itself, quite simply, as: The drive for new ideas and innovative approaches that pay off in the long term.

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