marketing, communication and sales

marketing, communication and sales

Goes hand in hand: Marketing & Sales

Data-driven marketing and sales strategies increase efficiency and enable true validation of set goals. The basic prerequisite for this is clearly defined processes, indicators and milestones, which we define together with our customers in workshops and then map in suitable digital tools. Regular market, competition and customer analyses ensure agile adaptations and a consistent focus on customer success.

Another important component is the interaction between marketing and sales. Close cooperation and constant exchange guarantee efficient project management.

We offer classic marketing services such as analysis of the market, competition, customers and branding, as well as strategic marketing. But we also like to tackle things directly, e.g. with specific campaigns, creation of websites, social media or even email marketing.

Our sales services are essentially bundled in concept development, lead generation and optimization.

Communication tailored to the target group

In the digital age, communication is more than ever the key to success in generating interest, communicating corporate content and building trust. This applies to communication with internal stakeholders as well as external ones. With an unbiased view from the outside, we analyze what already exists, conceive creative ideas in word and image, 2D and 3D, and prepare them specifically for target groups and channels.

2B or B2B

We support both new setups (e.g. startup, new business area, product launch), but are also the right partner for the further development and digitization of your existing offerings.

More important than any date: dates.

Nothing works in digital marketing and sales without data. We help to build a structured database: We define data points and KPIs. And we develop corresponding data creation processes up to the conception of sales and marketing activities.

Ready for the future!

New arguments for digital communication

We are always informed about current trends or new tools. For example, we offer innovative augmented reality solutions that enhance existing communication tools and open up new avenues for campaigns.
Based on our experience, we can also offer a wide range in the B2B area: Classic offline, online and new digital formats but also innovative AR elements.

We work closely with our clients and are happy to offer joint workshops to analyze and develop a communication strategy. This includes creating communication basics and behavioral guidelines for B2B representatives on social networks.