brand & design

brand & design

sign or design?

Analogue. Digital. In any case, design clearly means thinking and developing in a user-centered way. In addition to classic digital web and app design, we are engaged in the development of UX, UI and Behavioural Design for our innovation topics Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Of course, we also provide the classic design disciplines, e.g. print, product design, packaging, photography, illustration etc.

Whether web design, graphic design or simply – design

Design & Experience are important cornerstones of all our projects.
Through user-oriented development and appropriate targeting at the appropriate touchpoints, we can reliably generate qualified leads.

Strong identities

A brand encompasses more than a logo. In brand development, we create visual identities and design concepts that optimally represent individual brand strategy and personality.

The classics

From the packaging to the catalogue and the right color and image selection, we have mastered the classics in design and can also provide advice and support as requested.

You need UX/UI?

We also implement UX and UI projects for you. Whether online or offline. We make touchpoints tangible! For example, by networking various tools, from QR codes to VR glasses. Always with the aim to bring function & aesthetics in harmony.
Every project starts with a thorough analysis of the market, customer, competition, optionally market research survey.
This results in a prototype that is finally converted into an experience – and continuously optimized. We therefore not only offer strategies and concepts, but also their concrete implementation and execution.

Our recipe for getting started

Consider user-centricity at an early stage!
Through new approaches such as “Design Thinking” – e.g. in a joint workshop, we place the focus of development on the user at an early stage, without ignoring technological and economic feasibility.

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